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Art – Painted Flags

Mens Beach Coat 2010

Womens Beach Coat 2010

Winter Coats 2009

Winter Coats 2008

Wearable Arts Awards 2007 – Rattle Your Dags

Paula & Ursula Dickson’s entry Rattle Your Dags was the 2007 Montana Supreme WOW Award Winner and also won the Turners & Growers First Time Entrant Award and was the Air NZ South Pacific Section Winner. See the World of Wearable Arts website 2007 winners.


Individually crafted quilts made from 100% vintage wool blankets with 100% wool filling and a durable cotton backing.

Available in single and double size.

Winter 2007 Mini-Range

The winter 2007 mini-range consists of a Bill Hammond inspired cigarette motif hand painted on colourful velvet dresses, handbags and scarves, and black cotton, easywear dresses and t-shirts.

Winter 2005 Collection

The Winter 2005 range is inspired by the pioneering settlers of New Zealand, both Maori and Pakeha. These people were strong and adaptive – the whalers, sailors, sealers and traders from the two cultures who lived and worked together.

Winter 2004

The winter 2004 range was inspired by the clothing, adornments and the mixing of cultures in New Zealand history.